Partnering With A Budding Industry

Who is Pure Dakota Health?

Pure Dakota Health is a North Dakota-owned and operated medical marijuana provider – but they are more than just a cannabis company, they are a community of advocates. Their team is passionate about each patient’s well-being and strives to provide the highest level of care and customer service.

The opportunity

From the start of their business, Pure Dakota Health wanted someone who could confidently handle all of the different facets of their marketing.

The solution

HexaHive has acted as an extension of Pure Dakota Health’s team since 2019 – steering a marketing strategy that exceeds goals each year, helping anticipate needs before they are needed, and navigating day-to-day marketing.

Our “No Band-Aids” Approach.

Our journey with Pure Dakota Health is a testament to the power of strategic partnerships. Our close relationship allows us to give a big-picture strategy and set milestones to reach their goals. Our deep understanding of their business and their industry lets us efficiently streamline processes to pursue bigger goals instead of just daily tasks.

A Partner For Success.

One of the reasons why our partnership is such a success is the commitment to ongoing collaboration – from both sides. By becoming an integral extension of Pure Dakota Health’s team, we can anticipate their needs, comply with the heavily state-regulated industry, adapt strategies in real time, and continuously build upon previous successes. This approach ensures that marketing efforts are not only consistent but also growing more effective over time. Each year we have broken records for campaigns, patient count, and overall sales.

 Trust is a Must.

Another component that makes our partnership so successful? Pure Dakota Health wholeheartedly trusts our expertise and that we are making the best marketing moves for their business. In a heavily regulated, ever-changing industry, hiring someone in-house could be possible but it would be hard to get the variety of skill sets that they’d need. We give them peace of mind, knowing that we are managing all aspects of their marketing, so they can focus on keeping day-to-day business operations running smoothly without being bogged down with marketing tasks.


Our partnership has led Pure Dakota Health to be confident that their day-to-day marketing is part of a grand strategic approach that supports the bigger goals of their business. Rather than keeping up with marketing details, they can stay focused on daily operations while we execute targeted campaigns that continue achieving record-setting results year over year.

From developing their first logo designs to being an integral part of their growing success, we are proud partners with Pure Dakota Health.

 Are you looking to start a partnership as successful as this one?