Navigating Growth Through Strategy

Who is Premier Tax?

Premier Tax Advising & Bookkeeping partners with individuals and businesses, providing a full-service approach to everyday tax, bookkeeping, and advisory needs. Whether you’re looking for business consulting or need help with your financial records, their team of reliable and trusted experts across 4 locations is there to help.

The opportunity

After acquiring another business, Premier Tax was looking for a partner to help strengthen their company internally and externally.

The solution

HexaHive worked with Premier Tax to develop and implement a thorough and effective strategy to reach their short and long-term goals.

The Building Blocks for Success

When Premier Tax first came to us, they were looking for quick fixes – like a new website, new business cards, and possibly a new logo. But when they expanded with a South Dakota business, they realized they needed much more than just patches; they needed a solid foundation and plan – and that’s something we specialize in!

To start building a strategy for success, we needed to dive into Premier Tax’s goals, weak spots, and opportunities.

As they were looking to shift from focusing on personal taxes to becoming a go-to spot for business consulting, we knew they needed a strategy that they could grow with and into. But we didn’t just rely on Premier Tax’s or our perspective to build a strategy; we sent out surveys to both their staff and clients to gain insight on who their ideal audience was, what they valued, and how Premier Tax could connect with them better.

These surveys became the cornerstone for a comprehensive strategic marketing guide. This guide covered everything for them to find success – who they should target, how to reach them, ways to improve internally and externally, and a step-by-step plan on how to make it all happen.

New Look for a New Audience

When Premier Tax’s strategy pointed towards reaching a younger audience, we knew a brand refresh was a must. We revamped everything – from their logo to their name – to make them stand out amongst the crowd and feel more approachable.

With the many moving pieces of the merger taking a lot of Premier Tax’s time, we carefully choreographed their brand rollout strategy – working closely with them to make sure their refreshed brand launch went off without a hitch. This involved updating their social media platforms, laying out communications for clients and the public, designing business cards, offering guidance on branded swag, and more. This is one of the biggest perks of having a marketing partner like HexaHive – we take the load off your shoulders so you can focus on what matters!

 Online Elevation

With their refreshed look and new goals, our next move was to give their online presence a facelift by developing a landing page!

This landing page incorporated their new look and streamlined the information, all while being built with their target audience in mind. Now, their new site spells out loud and clear who Premier Tax really is, why they are a go-to source for advisory, why their audience should work with them, and how easy it is to get started.

In addition to crafting a landing page that’s sure to catch their audience’s attention, we dug deep into their online presence. From outdated Yelp listings to inactive pages, we fine-tuned their online presence to show off nothing but the best for potential clients in search of their services.

Putting Plans into Action

An important part of any successful strategy is thinking ahead. For Premier Tax, that meant HexaHive helping them prepare for their busiest time of year – tax season! New branding came with a need for fresh materials. We streamlined and created materials that announced their new branding, the landing page and online portal experience, and some general housekeeping items like appointment reminder cards.


Our partnership with Premier Tax went beyond just fixing the surface level; we crafted a vital game plan and foundation for their future. We believe that a great partnership isn’t just about making things look good; it’s about all the details that set them up for success.

From breathing new life into their brand to playing a pivotal role in their future success, HexaHive is proud to have been Premier Tax’s trusted marketing partner.

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