lessons from 2023

to Set You Up for Success in 2024

Think of each campaign, every interaction, and the insights you gather as lessons that fuel your marketing and business growth. This information can be used to shape your marketing strategy – helping you reach your goals, boost revenue, and more. In this article, we’ve put together a checklist, packed with expert tips and resources, for you to use annually, quarterly, etc. to help your marketing reach the next level of your business’s success.

Reflect on the Year

Let’s start by taking a moment to rewind the tapes and chat about your marketing throughout the last year. Reflecting on your marketing journey involves more than just memories; it’s about tracking and discussing outcomes – the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Analyze what clicked and what didn’t quite hit the mark. Now, get ready to turn those insights into fuel for the year ahead!

      • Analyze and discuss last year’s marketing
      • Identify successes and failures 
      • Think of ways to build off these for the upcoming year

Set Clear Goals and Performance Markers

Now, let’s dive into the backbone of your marketing – goals! Start by asking yourself, “What are my business’ goals?” Now, start to think of ways marketing can support those goals. As you plan for the upcoming year, it’s not just about the goals themselves; it’s also crucial to evaluate your marketing budget – where are your dollars being spent, are you investing enough in your marketing, and where can your dollars find the most return on investment (ROI)? You may even find that it’s time to partner with some experts to give your marketing the turbo boost it needs! Clear goals and a solid game plan are the secret ingredients for a stellar year ahead.

      • Develop marketing goals
      • Evaluate and optimize your marketing budget
      • Consider hiring a marketing partner

Understand Your Target Audience

Time to decode who your target audience truly is! What makes them tick? What are their pain points? What do they care about? Whether you’re keeping it local in the Midwest or reaching out across the digital landscape, understanding your audience provides you with the key to unlocking marketing that works. Gather insights through surveys and conversation, and you’ll be able to tailor your messages to resonate with them on a whole new level. Remember, marketing isn’t just about selling; it’s about connecting.

      • Identify your target audience
      • Gather insights through surveys and conversations
      • Tailor messaging to better connect with the target audience

Plan and Implement Improved Marketing Tactics

Now, it’s time to develop your plan. Think of the various channels available for your marketing, from email campaigns and websites to social media and even bathroom ads. But here’s the game-changer: make sure whatever channels you choose will reach your target audience exactly where they are. While it’s important to stay aware of new platforms and trends, it’s not just about trying a bunch of new and different things; it’s about doing it through strategies that resonate, captivate, and stand out to your audience.
      • Develop a marketing plan from your past year’s findings
      • Ensure marketing channels align with your goals and audience

Monitor, Adapt, and Flex

Let’s shift gears into monitoring, adapting, and flexing – because we’re not about setting and forgetting here. It’s crucial to keep those eyes on the prize – your metrics (KPIs)! Now that you’ve rolled out your plan, pinpoint the metrics that you’ll measure your success, whether it’s a certain amount of clicks, impressions, engagement, or conversions. And when things aren’t clicking or working like you’d like them to, be ready to adapt – because flexibility is your greatest superpower in dynamic marketing.

      • Measure and monitor key performance indicators
      • Be flexible and adapt when metrics suggest changes
      • Embrace adaptability as your marketing superpower


From developing goals and optimizing budgets to decoding your audience and crafting strategies that resonate, all while adapting and measuring along the way, it’s time to play smart, not just hard.

So, gear up, fellow marketers! Apply these insights and make this next year a smashing success for your business. May your strategies be impactful, your goals be SMART, and your connections be lasting. Here’s to a thriving and productive year ahead! 

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