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How often should I update content on my website?

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This month, Tiffany Eckroth answered the question: How often should I update content on my website?

Your business experiences many changes/updates within a single calendar year – and so should your website! In this column, learn three (of many) reasons it is crucial to update your website’s content.

Firstly, a fresh coat of content can significantly enhance your website’s visual appeal. Nothing turns users off faster than broken links, poor functionality, and outdated information; keep your audience engaged with fresh content and visuals.

Secondly, regular updates also allow your visitors to stay informed on new services, products, and what your business has been up to! When past visitors return to your website, an updated experience can help retain their interest and – in turn – their business.

Lastly, updated content can benefit your presence within search engines! Companies like Google frequently update their algorithms, so keeping your content current can help show that you are reputable within your industry – making you more likely to show up in searches.

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