TOP 5 common

social media content mistakes

In today’s world of social media, creating captivating content is vital for businesses and marketers to thrive.

While working with clients, HexaHive has found common, but critical, mistakes that are holding them back on social media. In this article, we’ll share those common mistakes and how you can build a strong, engaging online presence.

A strong and well-thought-out strategy is key to a successful and thriving social media presence.

Your Posts/Content Lack Strategy

One big mistake in social media is not having or using a strategy. Imagine constructing a house without a blueprint. Without a clear vision and plan, chaos would follow.  A thoughtful social media strategy is the blueprint for great content. It builds a strong base to keep things consistent and in line with your brand.

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Brand recognition is built from consistency. Help customers connect with and recognize your business by steadily utilizing your branding.

Your Content Doesn't Reflect Your Brand/Company

Not matching your social media content to your brand’s identity can be a critical misstep. Your social media platforms should always reflect your company’s voice, look, messaging, and content – as if an extension of your brand. If your posts don’t fit your brand’s values, it might confuse and push away your audience. Make sure all your content reflects your brand’s mission, values, and personality. Keeping a strong brand identity will make your brand more recognized and trusted by your followers.

Overusing graphics can make your brand feel unapproachable. Avoiding this can help ensure that customers feel that they can engage with you.

You Use Too Many Graphics

While visual content is essential on social media, it’s important to avoid overusing graphics. Profiles that solely post graphics can lack authenticity and, in turn, decrease engagement. Generally, people connect better with content that shows real faces, people, and situations. By incorporating real-life photos of your team, customers, or behind-the-scenes moments, you can foster trust and relatability. This will also make the audience more likely to engage with your content and brand.

Good social media posts utilize imagery when possible, keep details in the caption, and have a strong call to action.

You Use Text-Heavy Graphics

A common mistake when creating social media graphics is overloading them with text. Text-heavy graphics often perform poorly due to overwhelming viewers and appearing cluttered. Social media users prefer content that is easy to understand at a glance. Instead of filling graphics with text, use eye-catching images that complement your message. It’s important to let the caption do the heavy lifting by holding essential information, call-to-actions, or links. This approach will help make your posts more appealing and will encourage users to engage with your business.

Checking your analytics regularly is a vital part of successful social media marketing.

You Don't Track Performance

One of the biggest mistakes in managing social media content is not tracking success and metrics. Without reviewing performance, you’ll never know what’s working and what isn’t. Metrics such as reach, engagement, click-through rates, and conversions can tell you if your content or strategy are working. Data should be used to refine your approach, optimize practices, and improve your content’s performance. By understanding what resonates with your audience, you can create impactful content and drive results.


By avoiding these common social media content mistakes, your business is taking a crucial step in finding social media success. Through building a strategy, tracking content performance, and focusing on authentic content, you’ll connect deeper with your audience, increase your brand’s engagement, and growth.

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