The Kid’s Therapy Center

Empowering A Program’s Success

Who is The Kid’s Therapy Center?

The Kid’s Therapy Center LLC offers creative mental health therapies for children and their families across North Dakota, catering to all age groups from infants to adults. They aim to support and educate caregivers, whether parents or professionals. Their services include mental health counseling, disorder therapies, trauma therapies, and more.

What is the Family Check-Up® Program?

Family Check-Up® is a strength-based intervention program that focuses on the specific needs and strengths of each family. The program provides parents with the tools needed to handle their child’s behavior(s) and build strong, positive relationships with them.

The opportunity

The Kid’s Therapy Center was awarded a grant to promote their Family Check-Up® Program. The program can involve sensitive matters, so any marketing had to be done thoughtfully and carefully to be effective.

The solution

HexaHive developed a comprehensive messaging and marketing strategy to increase general awareness and interest in the program.

A Strong Mission
and Program.

As a fellow woman-owned business with a strong mission and passion for the community, we were thrilled to partner with The Kid’s Therapy Center to promote the only Family Check-Up® program in the state of North Dakota.

This remarkable program supports families to face and work through challenges rooted in parenting struggles. The goal? To keep families not just together but thriving and joyful.

We started our work by learning about where they stood in promoting the program. Until our partnership, The Kid’s Therapy Center had been solely relying on word-of-mouth, shared mainly through dedicated professionals like case workers and social workers. While Family Check-Up® provided some materials, they lacked customization and a personal touch. We dove into their existing efforts, analyzing strengths and gaps, crafting short-term goals, and building long-term strategies to boost their outreach.

Getting the
word out.

Being a newer offering of The Kid’s Therapy Center, general awareness of the program was fairly non-existent. Talking about sensitive topics like parenting struggles requires a delicate touch. We wrapped our message in understanding, making it soft, approachable, and relatable – while emphasizing the benefits of the program and focusing on the positive things it can do for families of all shapes and sizes.


Now – time to get the word out about this incredible program!

We kicked off the general awareness campaign with radio ads, allowing us to cast a wider net to inform the community and capture our target audience’s attention. Next, we created digital ad campaigns on Facebook and Google. These campaigns focused on speaking candidly to parents in all stages – making the ads relatable to parents of toddlers to parents of teens.

Keeping the Momentum.

Our work didn’t just end with ads – it was about making a real, lasting difference. We wanted The Kid’s Therapy Center’s program to keep shining brightly, even after our partnership ended. Think of us as architects crafting tools to help them thrive. We designed simple, user-friendly web pages and materials, keeping them as friendly as our online ads.

The main website of The Kid’s Therapy Center had a lot of information, but it risked distracting or confusing someone specifically looking for the program. So, we designed a landing page just for the program, providing an easy-to-digest space where people can learn more or take action after seeing an ad. We also redesigned their current materials like flyers and brochures, making them as warm and inviting as possible. These materials aren’t just papers – they’re important tools for professionals to share and educate others about the program.

But our support didn’t stop there. We also provided them with examples, templates, and best practices on how to organically promote the program on social media. Now, their team is set to keep spreading the word and educating people.

Working with The Kid’s Therapy Center to help them spread the word about this one-of-a-kind program was so rewarding. We can’t wait to see their program and business grow!

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