ND Assistive

Answering The Call For
Adaptive Technology.

Who is ND Assistive?

North Dakota Assistive is a non-profit organization bringing assistive technology devices and services into the lives of in-need North Dakotans and Minnesotans of all ages. Their mission is to help bridge the gap between ability and disability with assistive technology and provide comprehensive, quality services – ready to help in every stage of life.

What is TEDS?

The Telecommunications Equipment Distribution Services (TEDS), is a specialized program aimed to supply telecommunications equipment to individuals with communication impairments. It addresses the needs of those who may face challenges in obtaining the necessary equipment to use a standard phone effortlessly and independently. This program is government funded, so it is vital for North Dakota Assistive to help as many qualifying people in their contracted time – as these government contracts/programs can abruptly come to an end.

The opportunity

North Dakota Assistive wanted to increase awareness of the TEDS Program, as well as encourage interested and qualifying individuals to apply.

The solution

HexaHive created a pain-point addressing social media ad campaign that integrated targeting a new audience.

Building a
Stronger Connection.

When our partnership with ND Assistive began, we learned that their current marketing efforts for TEDS and overall strategy were focused primarily on connecting with the people who were potentially in need – primarily seniors or the elderly. In the past, they had utilized a print ad that was published throughout rural areas, but unfortunately they had not seen many results from it.

We started our work with ND Assistive by shifting their target audience from connecting with the people who are directly in need of the technology to reaching the caregivers/caretakers in their lives. The next step in building the campaign was to identify the communication-related pain points caretakers/givers are facing. We landed on 4 common pain points – their loved ones can’t hear the phone ringing, they can’t hear the conversation, they can’t see the buttons or text on screen, and the wedge that a communication gap can cause in relationships.

Dialing it in.

The ads ran statewide, in North Dakota, on Facebook and focused on men and women ages 35-65+ that had interests aligned with the caretakers/givers. To drive impressions and lead submissions, our team utilized a variety of targeting tactics for the campaign. By targeting audience segments, topic interests, related fields of study, education level, and life events, we were able to get ND Assistive’s ads in front of highly relevant and engaged individuals. Although the ads were slightly limited by budget, they performed well overall and resulted in 17 new leads for the program. The amount of leads gained from the 2-week campaign was comparable to what they typically receive in a full month, and the amount of awareness they received will allow their viewers to be proactive when they are in need of services in the future.

Ringing in results.

After a successful first run of the TEDS Campaign, ND Assistive requested to continue our efforts but this time with a slightly higher budget. For this round, we optimized the ads by choosing to run only the top two performing ads from the previous campaign. We also updated the call-to-action to better engage individuals by leading directly to their website, rather than a form through Facebook Instant Leads. The optimized campaign TRIPLED the first rounds results and had 380 link clicks total. The campaign was very successful, and will help pave the way for other program campaigns in ND Assistive’s future.