Cultivating a Brand’s Growth.

Who is Pure Dakota?

Pure Dakota is North Dakota’s first certified growing and manufacturing facility of medical marijuana, selling products to dispensaries across the state. Since their start in 2018, they have always had an unwavering passion for providing the best products for patients across the state. They pride themselves on staying true to their Midwest roots by implementing integrity into their growing practices – exceeding safety and quality standards because they care for their community.

The opportunity

Pure Dakota was looking for a way to get information and resources to their patients, all while adhering to regulations set by the Department of Health.

The solution

We created compliant content, materials, packaging, and a new website with a strategy focused on educating patients, regardless of their experience level.

Making North Dakota history.

In November 2016, North Dakota residents took to the polls and voted “Yes” on Measure 5, legalizing medical marijuana for the state. With an upcoming market, Pure Dakota was created and became certified to sell medical marijuana products to dispensaries throughout the state. With medical marijuana regulated at a state level, the North Dakota Department of Health (NDDOH) must approve Pure Dakota’s advertising efforts, ensuring they adhere to the set guidelines and regulations. From beginning to end, we focused on a strategy that not only connects patients with information but does so while maintaining compliance.

A website budding with opportunity.

When building Pure Dakota’s new website, we had to consider how we could provide education and resources [to the public] in an informative way, be easy for people to digest, and be approved by the NDDOH. To remain compliant, we were not able to display pictures of marijuana leaves or products in any aspect that was not educational, directly talking about a product, or specifically identifying something about a strain. 

With the knowledge that over 65% of people are visual learners, we had to be creative in finding ways to keep viewers engaged without heavily relying on imagery. We achieved this by leaning into the brand colors, engaging shapes, and bite-size content. By creating and utilizing graphics and icons to visualize information, we helped make their content easier to digest for a wider ranged audience.

Not your average canna-log.

When it comes to marijuana, it can be easy to get lost in the technicalities and details. One of Pure Dakota’s biggest priorities is to ensure that their patients know how to optimally use their medicine/cannabis to help in the way it is intended to. With a wide variety of strain options, we needed to find a way for patients to easily identify factors that indicate if the strain is a good fit for them.

We started by restructuring the content to be more relatable and easier to skim. We created custom icons to help distinguish important strain traits and a color code system, leaning into their brand colors, for patients to visually identify if a strain is an Indica, Sativa, or hybrid.

Once the guide was approved and compliant, we implemented it across all platforms to work towards a consistent experience for all of their patients. The Strain Library was provided in a digital version for website visitors to reference, a printable version for use across dispensaries, sized graphics for dispensaries to display on lobby TVs, and an online menu/shopping platform for state-wide dispensaries to access and cross-list on their menus.

see the site for yourself!