Lending a digital hand.

Who is Bismarck Title Company?

Bismarck Title Company opened its doors to the Bismarck area more than 35 years ago. Since then, they’ve expanded to add a branch focused on serving the Mandan area—Morton County Title Company.

Whether it was in 1987 or now, they’re committed to going above and beyond for their community by using their expertise to make the paperwork that goes along with purchasing a property easy. They pride themselves on their intimate knowledge of the industry and its requirements for proper procedure and closing. This, paired with their local roots, sets them apart from other title companies in North Dakota.

The opportunity

 Bismarck Title Company’s website was 20 years old and didn’t reflect their expertise, values, or who they were.

The solution

HexaHive developed a strategy to connect with their audience, building a website that will last for years to come.

Ready, set, optimize!

It all started with simply updating ads after Bismarck Title Company won Best of the Best. From there, they connected with us to see what it’d look like having us work on a website for them. Our partnership blossomed from there.

Bismarck Title Company’s website had been up and running for 20 years, simultaneously collecting years of content, links, and resources that resulted in a loss of structure and direction. In order to have their website effectively convey their brand’s identity and optimize their user experience, we needed to start our work from the ground up.

Our two biggest focuses on the website were simplifying and organizing. We worked to simplify and repave the website’s navigation where users can easily find resources, obtain contact and location information, order titles, and more.

Why do visitors leave websites?

  • Poor navigation 72% 72%
  • outdated design 60% 60%
  • other 38% 38%

Knowing how important these factors are, we prioritized both navigation and design with Bismarck Title Company’s website.

Reducing the noise.

It’s a lot more effective to have a conversation with one person than if you were trying to talk to 100 people at once. Before we could start with creating the website, we needed to define who the one or two people are that Bismarck Title Company wanted to reach the most. This would allow us to reduce the noise on the website and structure and design it in a way that connects with their audience most.

We discovered that there was one primary audience and then a secondary audience that both needed to be catered to on the website. The two audiences had very different needs and industry knowledge, so we creating audience-specific sections to funnel visitors to what’s most relevant to them.

Their site now has a practical and functional approach. Their primary audience, industry professionals, can utilize the website while the content is still broad enough for homeowners searching for more information.

It’s all in the [custom] details.

Within the original site were a lot of resources and tools that were visually difficult to display because of sensitive information and changing visuals. Our solution was to optimize user experience by building and customizing icons throughout the pages, adding a modern twist to the brand, all while still fitting in with the historical typeface. These icons link directly to resources, helping site visitors quickly locate helpful and popular integrated tools like their estimating tools, quote calculator, and more.

Small changes, big differences.

Good projects should always have research involved. Through our local research, we discovered that a key competitor had just rebranded, with their color palette nearly identical to Bismarck Title Company. While it was in their best interest to avoid an entire rebrand to keep their overall aesthetic, we knew something needed to change to differentiate themselves.

To help accomplish this, we redefined their brand’s color palette by adding complementary and accent colors. This subtle addition made a big difference and has helped Bismarck Title Company stand apart from its competition.

see the site for yourself!