Targeting by the truckload.

What is NDMCA?

North Dakota Motor Carriers Association (NDMCA) partners with the North Dakota Department of Transportation to host annual DOT Compliance & Vehicle Inspection Seminars. These seminars help keep North Dakota’s roads and drivers safe by conducting vehicle inspections, performing safety audits, providing updated training, and more.

The opportunity

NDMCA wanted to increase seminar awareness and event registrations with their target audience.

The solution

Create a highly targeted, optimized, digital ad campaign that puts strategized ads in front of the ideal event attendees.

Making tracks with tactical targeting.

Our approach to NDMCA’s goal (increasing awareness and conversions) was to target and optimize a digital ad campaign within Facebook and Google. The ads ran statewide, in North Dakota, focusing on men and women ages 21-62 within the trucking industry that had interests aligned with the seminars. To drive clicks and impressions, our team utilized a variety of targeting tactics for the campaign. 

By targeting audience segments, topic interests, related fields of study, employers and self-employed in the field, and relevant job titles, we were able to get NDMCA’s ads in front of highly relevant and engaged individuals. To further our results with Google Ads, we paired our targeting efforts with advanced functionality to maximize success.

A newly paved road of results.

The campaign exceeded industry average and the campaign’s past measurements in all areas across the 36 days it ran – including clicks, impressions, and reach. In total, the campaign exceeded 734,000 impressions with over 3,500 clicks. The overall data collected from the digital ad campaign confirmed that the ads were very successful in generating awareness and interest in the fall seminars, especially when compared to the previous year’s impressions and clicks.