A clean, energized website.

Who is Rainbow Energy Center?

In May 2022, Rainbow Energy purchased Coal Creek Station, a major job and revenue source in North Dakota’s energy industry. Without Rainbow, Coal Creek Station and North American Coal would have had to lay off employees, which would have caused over 600 workers to lose their jobs and a $1.5 billion revenue loss for North Dakota. By stepping in at such a crucial time, Rainbow Energy has become a powerhouse for our community and is actively working to lead the midwest in clean coal technology.

The opportunity

Rainbow Energy Center didn’t have a website and needed one with a modern look and feel that showcased their values.

The solution

We designed a responsive website that conveys who Rainbow is while setting a look and feel that builds a strong foundation to expand on.

The power of a strong website.

A website is one of the most important things to a brand. Not only does it build the foundation of your online presence, but it also generates awareness and credibility for your business. Being such a strong, reputable company in North Dakota, it was imperative that Rainbow Energy Center had a website that reflected just that. With this in mind, we built a mobile-responsive, 29-page website, complete with custom and consistent design elements. Our team kept a clean, modern look throughout the site to help give the brand a solid identity.

Consistent and cohesive.

One of our biggest focuses while building the site was ensuring that all components of the website were a consistent, professional representation of Rainbow Energy Center. To lay a strong foundation for the content, we started by building their archetype – The Modern Hero. The Modern Hero is built with a professional, community-driven, clear approach that aims to modernize industry perceptions. “Compared to competitors in their field, Modern Hero is perceived as a trailblazer, leading the way in their industry, sharing their knowledge, and striving to change the narrative about the nature of the work they do.” For content contributed by Rainbow Energy Center and its stakeholders, we provided recommendations and insights to ensure that the voice and feel would also remain consistent with their archetype.

Built for the future.

A high priority of our project with Rainbow Energy Center was that the website needed to be built with growth in mind. The website was designed to define a clear look, one that Rainbow could build off of when creating their sister company’s websites down the road. As it is vital for a site to be updated with new content and not remain stagnant, our team provided training so that Rainbow would be ready for any changes and optimizations to come. The future of Rainbow Energy Center is aimed at providing clean and affordable energy, a mission that their new website conveys from the design to the content, all the way down to choosing hosting providers that have clean energy initiatives as well.

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