iQ Merchant

Delivering Results with Automated Emails.

Who is iQ Merchant?

iQ Merchant is an electronic payment solution including mobile payments, contactless solutions, gateway integrations, ACH services, and analytics.

The opportunity

iQ Merchant was looking to launch marketing efforts that utilized their large contact database.

The solution

We created a highly targeted email drip campaign to help engage, and reengage, contacts within the sales journey.

Taking a direct approach.

There is power in numbers and, with its popularity skyrocketing since its start in the 1970s, email is no exception. 99% of email users check their inbox daily, with mobile devices making email even more accessible – it’s no wonder why the majority of today’s marketing strategies involve this popular form of direct marketing (requires one’s email address and consent to receive business promotions and communications). With iQ Merchant’s vast contact base and the fact email marketing has a higher expected ROI than any other form of marketing, we knew that there was great potential for a strategic email drip campaign.

You’ve got mail!

We started our work with iQ Merchant by developing a complex email strategy that leaned heavily on promoting the differences between them and competitor platforms while addressing their prospects’ pain points with their current processing company. The strategy played an integral role when integrating the emails using multiple platforms (to allow the vast majority of emails to be automatic), developing custom and unique scenarios to ensure an authentic sales journey, and creating a journey that would also be fitting for current customers. We also identified the audience, angle, timing, and connections between the platforms that would be important when building the email templates and journey.

Once the strategy was formed, we turned our attention to the design. We expanded on the look, feel, and voice that iQ Merchant had established (through their website and other materials) and matched the emails to it. We played into the authentic, conversational nature of the emails, intending them to be minimal in graphics and more personable so the readers wouldn’t correlate them with automated/spam emails. We proceeded to finalize the details – writing content, creating icons and graphics, and developing the overall emails.