Reigniting a local brand’s spark.

Who is Lillis Electric?

Founder, Bob Lillis, started Lillis Electric by helping his friends with electrical projects here and there, then started growing over time – now having over 10 employees serving the Bismarck-Mandan’s since 1995. Specializing in residential, commercial, agricultural, and industrial electrical services, they pride themselves on setting a higher standard for every job they take on. Whether a customer is in need of a small wiring fix or the installation of state-of-the-art “smart home” automation, they are there to get the job done.

The opportunity

Lillis Electric wanted to modernize and breathe new life into their long-trusted business while keeping familiarity for their loyal clientele.

The solution

We refreshed the Lillis Electric brand with a major focus on maintaining the local feel and heart of the business – a modernized logo and tagline, updated branding materials, a new website, branded photography, and more!

An electrified brand.

Branding is one of THE most important components of a successful, trusted business. Beyond memorability, strong branding allows a business to gain customer loyalty, stand out from competitors, highlight company values, and much more. For Lillis Electric, their original branding carried them a very long way, but they recognized that it was time for an update. Believe us when we say these guys are the salt of the earth – the kind that won’t turn away (or typically charge) the elderly who simply need their light bulb replaced and can’t do it themselves – we wanted their refreshed branding to represent that. 

We started by updating their brand identity, creating a visual representation of the continuation of their legacy in a modern way. You’ll notice the lightning bolt’s angle has changed, now pointing vertically to represent the positive impact that years of service have had and it now catapulting their efforts into powering the future.

With refreshed strength in their new, symbolic logo, Lillis Electric needed a powerful tagline to match. While 20 years ago their previous tagline was fitting, it no longer represented them effectively or connected with their audience. We needed to keep the tagline’s core values, but reinvent them with a customer-forward approach. Because of this, we adapted their tagline to “Powering Our Future” – keeping the root of the former (caring about their clients and committed to the community) but connecting it back to what they do and highlighting the electrical services they provide.

Connecting the wires.

Now that Lillis Electric had a new look and tagline, it was time to put them into action. We created a Branding Guide to build a strong foundation and ensure materials or marketing efforts are cohesive in the future. New business cards were designed for the employees, with a modernized look that tied in beautifully with their branding. We also photographed and delivered a library of branded photography to start replacing their previous stock images and focus on emphasizing their locality.

Lillis Electric was in need of a website that conveyed their new look, had a simple yet functional design, and provided an optimized user experience. We built a simple website that aesthetically reflected their new branding, but the most exciting component of the site was the integrated payment processor that would now allow Lillis Electric to receive customer payments online.

A bright, modern future.

Lillis Electric was incredible to work with, and even more incredible to learn about. They knew they needed to do something for the foundational aspects of their branding and marketing, but when we initially mentioned rebranding they didn’t quite grasp what was wrong with their current one since they’ve had it for so long. After they decided to take the leap, we personally witnessed them realize the difference between what they had known compared to what truly fit them and the times.

They shared with us that throughout the branding process everything still felt like them and represented them. Being able to help a long-standing brand, who’s never really done anything for their marketing/branding, feel comfortable through the process and set a foundation for their business was a truly rewarding feeling. With the new generation taking over, it could really open room for opportunities and growth while maintaining the same homegrown morals and practices expected from them. We are excited to see what the future holds for Lillis Electric.

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