Helping a new business make waves.

Who is Envision Pools and Outdoor Living?

With more than 50 years of combined experience in design, construction, project management and sales, Envision provides an all-inclusive service for backyard solutions. They are a one-stop shop from ideation to the finishing touches and are well-versed in the industry. Whether a client is looking for an in-ground pool or help in designing the perfect backyard escape, they’re there to help.

The opportunity

Envision needed to build a brand for their new business that would connect with their audience, be flexible for growth, and represent who they are at their core.

The solution

We created a name and brand for the business that resonates with their audience, and provided tools and a foundation to set them up for future success.

Becoming a backyard name.

Our journey with Envision started when we had the opportunity to partner with their sister companies, Paramount Builders and Paramount Real Estate, through their start and expansion. Being able to watch, and be a part of their exponential growth was so fun and rewarding, that when it came time to work with Envision, it felt complete – they are the perfect family of companies! Who wouldn’t love to partner with a company that creates dream backyards with new, sparkly pools and hot tubs?

Envision had a clear goal of wanting to be more than just a pool builder. They were looking to set themselves apart by becoming well-known for designing and building a full vision for their clients. They needed a name that appealed to their quality of products and craftsmanship, their sense of adventure, and fun – something that could stand the test of time and adapt through periods of growth. 

In our conversations, their leadership mentioned they look for people wanting a space to connect with others, relax, and feed their sense of adventure right from their own backyard. They spoke of how they will create the space by envisioning its potential and bringing it to life. When you work with them, you can envision a vacation right in your backyard – thus, the name Envision was created and chosen.

Building the future with a presence.

Equipped with their new name and look, Envision was ready to start getting the word out and building relationships with future clients. We started by building a simple website outlining who they are, what they do, and how potential clients can get in touch. We then created a strategy for a social presence that would get their name in front of potential clients, helping them gain positive brand awareness and a high-class reputation. 

With an upcoming home show that would attract a lot of attention to their social platforms, we needed the content and pages to be established and hold relevance in the industry. Our key challenge in building a social presence was it being the industry’s off-season, hindering being able to showcase previous projects. We approached this challenge creatively and found success in using a strategic mix of renderings, stock photography, behind-the-scenes shots, tips and tricks, and more.


Delivering the daydream.

 We took an all-encompassing approach—starting with creating the company name. This continued all the way through social media strategy and materials, brand assets, down to the smallest details of making sure the slideshow videos at the home show were working properly for their big community debut. We continue our goal of distinguishing ourselves by not being your average agency; we truly love what we do and our end goal is for our clients to succeed. Envision Pools and Outdoor Living is no exception to this. Now bearing a name, brand, social strategy, and website that encompass who they are, they can continue building relationships and find their next client looking to create a backyard oasis.

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