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does a marketing strategy really matter?

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This month, Hannah Hauff answered the question: Does a marketing strategy really matter?

Let’s compare this question to something universal – sports.

Do plays matter in organized sports?
Playing basketball since the 4th grade has taught me that plays are essential. Without them, everyone runs around without purpose, despite each believing that their actions will bring success. Without a common objective, you are left aimless.

The moral of the story? Strategy wins games!

On average, companies spend 1/4 of their marketing dollars on paid advertising. To avoid wasted dollars, developing a marketing strategy will help identify what is and isn’t working.

We’ve found that the most pivotal questions for a successful marketing strategy are: “who are you trying to reach” and “what are your end goals” – each requiring a custom strategy. Once goals are outlined, we help our clients develop actionable steps to achieve them.

So yes – a marketing strategy means everything for your marketing efforts and should be the backbone of every move you make.

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