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At HexaHive, we’ve worked hard to create a culture that you can’t find anywhere else. We’re a group of innovators, creatives, and marketers who share the same interests and goals. We provide every team member with the opportunity to grow personally and professionally while helping others do the same.

Administrative Assistant

Are you ready to build a long-term career as the ultimate multitasker and office superhero? Well, our growing team needs someone like YOU!

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Top 25% salary

At HexaHive, we value our employees and believe that their salaries should reflect that. Offering a “competitive salary” is always left to interpretation so instead, we offer salaries that generally fall within the upper 25% of the local industry average.

Company-paid health insurance

We believe that healthy employees are happy employees! We fully cover full-time employee’s health insurance premiums. Employees can additionally enroll their spouses or dependents and have the cost deducted from their pay. Part-time coverage will be prorated by the average hours worked per week.

Time off

We’ve found that a good work/life balance is essential in keeping our team productive and energized. While most companies don’t offer or only offer a restricted amount of PTO within the first years of employment, HexaHive offers unlimited* PTO regardless of the start date. This gives our team the flexibility to take sick time, vacation, etc. as they need it.

Culture perks

We pride ourselves on maintaining a fun, passionate, collaborative, and motivating work environment. Regularly scheduled potlucks, team outings, brainstorming sessions, holiday celebrations, networking events, and socials are just the tip of the iceberg. We also love supporting local businesses, so there’s a chance you’ll bump into our team at a favorite local lunch spot!

Working remote

Although the HexaHive team can be found in the office for the majority of hours during the day, we know that everyone thrives in different workspaces. When appropriate, we allow the flexibility of working outside of the office – whether that’s from home, a coffee shop, outside on our bistro tables, etc.

401k retirement plan match

HexaHive matches part-time and full-time employee contributions to their 401k 100%, dollar for dollar, up to 3% of the employee’s salary.

Continuing education

We believe that if you’re not learning something new in the world of marketing and design, you’re likely falling behind. We encourage our employees to further their personal and professional growth by attending conferences and training, obtaining certifications, reading educational books, and more. With approval, HexaHive will cover the fees and costs associated!

Paid parental leave

We offer all eligible primary caregivers, including adoptive and foster parents, with one year of service to receive 4 weeks off at 100% average pay. Caregivers may also take up to 8 weeks of unpaid time off once their paid leave has expired.

Snacks and beverages

We keep our office stocked with a variety of snacks, quick meals, hot beverages, soda, (many) caffeinated beverages, and more. Want something specific? We are always willing to add new items to our offerings.

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