Why Marketing is a lot like Gardening

Grow your marketing just like you grow your plants.
how marketing is similar to growing plants

You don’t have to have a green thumb to know that it takes more than just luck to grow a garden. It takes a great deal of strategy, really. What plants grow best in the same row? Do they need a certain amount of sunlight, water, or nutrients? How do I care for them in the off-season?

When you compare marketing to gardening, you’ll notice a lot of similarities. You need patience, a plan, and continuous care to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

What makes a successful garden?

There’s a variety of factors that go into how a garden will turn out. Some of these include:

  • It requires a plan
  • It takes patience
  • It takes work
  • It takes maintenance

Growing a garden demands intention, labor, and exceptional effort in order to produce a bountiful yield. Similarly, seeds of a business are planted into soil, requiring the same tender care.

Know what you’re planting

A good gardener establishes a clear plan before their spade hits the soil. They know what they’re growing where, how spaced apart they are, and what each plant needs. The larger the garden, the more critical this is.

Likewise, a plan is crucial in marketing. You need to know who you’re reaching, what your goals are, and have a strong brand architecture in place. Without this, you’ll be the gardener with wilting flowers and neglected plants, struggling to keep up with the needs of their garden.

Plants don’t show up overnight

A full-sized shrub doesn’t show up overnight. It takes patience and care for the seeds to sprout, and then for it to grow. Our goal is to help you plant your seeds early so you’re able to reap the benefits of your efforts with longevity in mind.

You’ll need to maintain it

You don’t stop watering a plant once it’s grown. Likewise, you don’t stop caring for your marketing just because your business is busy. Marketing requires maintenance to ensure that you’re keeping up with the times, adapting as your business grows, and learning from what works best for your goals.

Sometimes you’ll have weeds

Nobody wants weeds to pop up in their backyard. It’s a gardener’s job to know what they want in the garden and to eliminate what doesn’t matter.

Similarly, it’s crucial to look at what doesn’t matter with marketing. Cut out the practices or offerings that distract you from nurturing the most valuable parts of your offering, just like a gardener plucks out weeds.

The right tools are important, but skill matters most

Just because you own a tiller, doesn’t mean you know how to use it. Similarly, just because you can download SEO tools or a marketing course, that doesn’t mean you’ll know how to apply it to what your business actually needs. At HexaHive, we prioritize having the skills and knowledge to set your business apart, while also having the right tools and software to make the job even easier.

Enjoy the results

Just like a gardener enjoys the fruits of their labor, businesses should see results from their marketing. After your hard work of tending to your brand, it will grow. Word will spread, your customers will increase, and so will your profits. And just like gardening, you’ll reap a bountiful harvest.

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