What does the name HexaHive mean?

The origin and meaning behind our name – HexaHive.

“So, what does the name HexaHive mean?”

When someone new hears our name, this is often one of the first things we hear.

The name HexaHive with the two key areas of what it represents pointed out – the efficiency and strength of hexagons and the bee inspired mentality.

Really, our name represents two key things.

HexaHive is a real representation of marketing itself, but also our philosophy in practice. The name mashes two key factors:

  1. The efficiency and strength of hexagons
  2. Our hive mentality towards clients

How do hexagons relate to marketing?

Mathematically, hexagons are known for leaving no wasted space in their shape. Similarly, we don’t waste space in marketing and ensure that there are no gaps in your business.

Hexagons are strong and foundationally sound. They’re revered as the most efficient shape known in geometry. Our hive is a big believer in working together because there is strength in numbers and thus, there is more strength as a team than going at it alone. As a team, we display our ability to adopt the most efficient strategies to carry out our client’s goals in order to get the results they hire us for. 

Jade Scherr, Hannah Hauff, and Tera Wentz review marketing materials for HexaHive in Bismarck, ND

The best kind of hive mentality

Like hexagons, bees are impressive for their strength and efficiency in numbers. Beyond that, they have long been considered brilliant for their hive mind and mentality.

Working together

Bees work together for a common goal. They have a natural capability to rely on each other and achieve great feats by appointing clear roles for each member of the hive. Each of these roles serves an integral part in keeping the health and well-being of the hive at its best.

Similarly, HexaHive is set apart from other marketing and advertising agencies because of this mindset. We’ve mimicked what bees have to offer by leaning into each other’s strengths to reach the goals of our clients.

Anticipating needs

Bees have a collective intelligence that allows each colonist to work together and anticipate the colony’s needs. Likewise, we adopt the tone, voice, mannerisms and mindset of our clients to better represent their brand and their business. We strive to understand them so deeply that we can anticipate their needs and feedback, allowing us to more efficiently and effectively represent their business.

We’re here for you.

Instead of saying, “you should do this,” we say, “I would do this.”

We care about each client, giving recommendations for their marketing as if it were our own business we were looking at.

Ultimately, the name HexaHive stems from doing what’s right for our clients. We’re here to discover the most meaningful marketing solutions for each business we represent, by having real, honest relationships with them.

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